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Teacher, Student and Nation

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Shiva Raj Poudyal
Padmakanya vidhyashram

Education not only enlightens people but also turns a nation into a civilized and prosperous state. Present scenario of our country is more than disappointing. State of education is degraded so much that I foresee the big problem of manpower to run and handle the nation in future if the present status of education in general, and high school education in particular is not improved. It is possible to bring a remarkable change in quality education and prepare pupils to serve the need of the nation in different segments of state apparatus as well as political field. I have seen unfathomable chasm between student and teacher and realized that the traditional glory of teacher is being lost. It seems modern day gurus have forgotten what a guru(teacher) means and what role is to be played by him. Similar is the case among students. In this article, I will contend to spotlight on what role a teacher shall play in the present crisis to enhance quality in education so that will contribute to herald the dawn of all-round progress and prosperity in our nation.
At the outset, I feel imperative to discuss about teaching profession and its glory in brief. I have discovered that teaching profession is the most responsible of all professions. There must not be any controversy to opine that teaching is the noblest, the most significant of all professions. If so, a teacher must cultivate in himself humility, compassion, and spirit of loving service, much more than those belonging to other professions for he is an ideal example to his pupils. He has taken up on himself the role of moulding and shaping the character of young people-students. By doing so, teacher makes his life a worthy existence. Blind is one who undermines the teacher and his role. The teacher, however, is the light, source of knowledge and fills in them the art of living.
While discussing the significance of teacher and teaching profession I’m reminded with the role and glory of teacher inscribed in our holy books. In Vedas teacher is hailed as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva:
Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshworah
Guru Sakshyat Parabrahma
Thasmai Sri Guruve Namah
This throws light on the role and importance of the teacher. This implies that the teacher is not less important than Gods. He has a divine duty and power to carry our certain responsibilities allotted to him to perform. So, he has been assigned to carry out the works of trio Gods: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; the creator, protector and destroyer respectively. The teacher inculcates virtues and wisdom in the students. He shall guide them towards the path of enlightenment and should always protect them from falling into darkness-darkness of vices and ignorance. Teacher at the same time must remain aware of destroying the germs of vice and weeds of sloth growth in the students. In addition to this he should be able to save, guide and transcend his pupils towards higher reality and knowledge which is an ultimate truth. He should never forget a bitter fact that if he is corrupt either morally or spiritually he corrupts thousands of students. Let me remind that such a person is not worthy than pest which destroys the harvest in the farm. I mean to say that an unworthy teacher destroys and pollutes just as does the pest to the harvest.
As a teacher, I have realized a fact that a teacher must be active like a Russian Horse always active and ready to serve, very faithful and tireless. In addition, he should always be possessed with intensive preparation of his lesson, sufficient knowledge on child psychology, expertise in subject matter, effective means and methods of instructions and capacity to inspire students to discover best out of them. These are the precious assets a professional teacher must forever have in him.
Every child steps on earth with at least a prospect of one thing or the other. It is a good teacher who should be able to explore that potential faculty of the child and shape him accordingly. Today large mass of student seems undisciplined. Therefore, the teacher should enforce discipline in them but with love and understanding. Love towards students should be tempered with discipline. Without discipline neither teaching nor learning progresses effectively. So, teacher should generate love, compassion and harmony in order to guide his pupils. It is equally important that teacher should not lose temper while instructing the pupils. Mahatma Gandhi, great Indian leader of Independence movement, also emphasized that teachers should cultivate patience even if hi student is slow and problematic in course of learning. Sparing rods to control students draws adverse effects on children. By doing so, students are spoilt and their trust on teacher fades. It is to be noted that only through love and care we can win their heart.
Oops! At present situation is much more discouraging. How many teachers are possessed with the qualifications discussed so far? Teachers, not all but many, do not hold the qualities they are required to have. In the context the traditional glory is deteriorating. People have lost their faith in teachers. Political parties never leave teachers from their grip as an independent person but use as stairs to fulfil their goal. Political intervention is a major cause in damages teaching and learning environment in the academic institutions. It is crucial time to the teacher to break away their affiliation with political parties and carry out their professions as independently as possible. What I see is that until and unless politics continues polluting academic environment no academic excellence is possible. I mean that hoping any better academic achievement in the politically intervened state is as foolish an idea as keeping a fish alive out of water. Similarly guardians and students should pay no less attention on their role if real transformation is looked for. Besides, an unfathomable chasm between teachers and student which is alarming should be bridged immediately. Respecting to teachers, being obedient towards them and parents, and maintaining cordiality from the part of the students are nowadays limited on books or article like this. Hence students are required to cultivate those virtues and qualities in them.
We are heading in a competitive age where only highly skilled, competent and modest manpower can find easy living. I see this is possible when teachers are committed and students are humble and devoted in their prime duty rather than be an immature member of any political game. Students! open your eyes and see your country is lagging behind in almost every field . Why? It is so because there is lack of patriotism, skilled manpower and competent leadership. This ground reality pokes the intellectuals and students to wake up to do something. See, whether it be bureaucracy, or politics or other fields where corruption is not . So teachers wake up from the deep slumber to prepare such a manpower which will only grow patriotism, humility and dignity in heart so that one day this disable nation will rise again with the herald of new dawn-the dawn of progress and prosperity. Ultimately I would like to assert that only good teachers and good students can make a good nation.
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