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White Harsh contracts with My Tech and Assembly to send 1000 workers to Malaysia at zero cost

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Kathmandu -My Tech and Assembly Sdn BSD, an international company in Malaysia, signed an agreement on Thursday to hire Nepali workers at zero cost. My Tech and Assembly Sdn BSD has entered into an bilateral agreement with Nepal’s White Harsha Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. The agreement was signed by HR Director Michael Lee on behalf of My Tech and Assembly Sdn BSD and Chairman Sagar Giri and CEO Rajan Shrestha on behalf of White Harsh Recruitment Pvt Ltd Manpower.

According to the agreement, Nepali workers going to will be able to go to Malaysia without paying a single rupee through White Harsh Recruitment Manpower Company. This Malaysian company has said that it will hire 1,000 workers in the first phase. Michael Lee, HR director of the company informed in a press conference that 1000 workers will be allowed to go to Malaysia from White Harsh Recruitment Pvt. Lee said that the company will bear all the expenses of the selected Nepali workers going to Malaysia. “We are very careful about the safety and health of the workers,” he said.

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) associated HR Director Michael Lee has diverse industries in countries including Malaysia. There are only two industries with 4 plants in Malaysia. More than 3000 workers from different countries are working in this company. HR director Michael Lee said that the workers have their own apartment for comfortable living and said that Nepali workers are the first choice because Nepali workers are honest, hardworking and can learn the language quickly. In this company, there is a minimum salary of 1,500 Malaysian ringgit for Nepalese workers as well as allowances, bonuses, overtime and annual leave.

White Harsha Recruitment Pvt. Manpower Chairman Sagar Giri said that the company is working with the goal of creating a model manpower to send workers at zero cost. Manpower CEO Rajan Shrestha stated that they will not take any money from the workers and said that there will be no agents or middlemen in his manpower and only ethical recruitment will be done. Answering the questions of the journalists in the program, HR director Lee and Manpower CEO Shrestha requested the relevant organizations to monitor and provide necessary support as their campaign is free foreign employment. Manpower, which has been sending workers for foreign employment for years, has been sending workers at zero cost since 2020.

Journalists present at the program expressed their happiness that some of the manpower started because the desire of all workers and manpower is to go to foreign employment with zero hardship. They said – ‘Well, it is not only Manpower, but Nepali workers from all Manpower should go without suffering.’ Although the government has maintained free visa and ticket rules, it has become very easy for workers going for foreign employment when some manpower have implemented zero hassle. If all the manpower of Nepal implements zero hardship, the day will surely come when foreign employers will also be forced to choose Nepalese.

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At the event, HR Lee of My Tech and Assembly Sdn BSD said that his company is located in the state of Johor, Malaysia and organized a press conference in Nepal to announce plans to employ Nepali workers in its manufacturing plant. He said that My Tech and Assembly Sdn BSD have reaffirmed their commitment to ensure zero migration-cost recruitment in support of ethical recruitment. MyTech’s HR director Lee said the company is actively involved in the recruitment process in Kathmandu to ensure responsible recruitment from the start to protect the rights of Nepali migrant workers. As part of zero migration cost recruitment, workers are not required to pay any fees for their employment, he said. HR Li claimed that this means that My Tech will bear all recruitment expenses including agent fees, medical examination, passport, flight ticket, local transport, accommodation and repatriation at the end of the service. He said that before leaving Nepal and during employment, the workers do not have to bear the training expenses related to recruitment. We welcome any government agencies and non-government organizations to view and support our zero-recruitment program HR Lilly has appointed Nepal Manpower White Harsha Pvt Ltd as its sole recruitment agency.

Lee said that his company is not and will not be involved with any other recruitment agency in Malaysia or Nepal. He said that the role of White Harsha Recruitment Pvt Ltd is to source workers directly without using any other manpower agencies and agents in Nepal. My Tech and Assembly Sdn BSD said that the recruitment team has come to Kathmandu to interview and select the workers to ensure that the workers do not pay any recruitment fees. If any worker has paid recruitment fees to White Harsh, we request him to report it to the relevant authorities and the My Tech Sdn BSD recruitment team,” said HR director Lee at a press conference.

My Tech and Assembly Sdn BSD or White Harsh Recruitment has said that it will not hesitate to file a report with the police and concerned authorities against anyone who makes false claims that harm the reputation of the company. MyTech said it chose Nepal as its primary source of labor because of past positive experiences with the workforce. HR director Lee said that Nepali workers are quick learners and honest, so they were chosen. If you have any concerns regarding the unethical recruitment of workers who have joined My Tech Company or the payment of fees related to recruitment, the company has requested you to contact the company via email or +6075981316.

My Tech and Assembly Sdn BSD was established in 2004 and is a manufacturing solutions company headquartered in Johor Waru, Malaysia. According to the company, it manufactures its products from 4 plants with factories serving international and local needs. The company’s primary manufacturing activities are currently based in Malaysia and the Philippines. The company said that the company’s international partners market the products worldwide.

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