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The United Nature International Peace (UNIP) Nepal Chapter has been officially launched

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Kathmandu, Nepal – The United Nature International Peace (UNIP) Nepal Chapter has been officially formed in an event held in the capital city of Kathmandu. During the program, badges, identification cards, and T-shirts were distributed to the chapter officers and members, along with certificates of membership.

On an occasion, speaking as the chief guest, MP Mohan Baniya expressed his belief that the establishment of this peace-promoting international organization in Nepal, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, is a significant development. He expressed his hope that the organization will contribute to the advancement of world peace and fraternity.

Raju Shah, the International Coordinator of UNIP, congratulated the formation of the new chapter in Nepal and extended his best wishes. He highlighted that UNIP is an affiliated organization of the United Nations, actively working towards promoting humanity, peace, and environmental conservation.

Ven. Dr. Raju Lama P Kondan, the National President of United Nature International Peace UNIP Nepal Chapter, expressed his delight over leading the newly established chapter in Nepal. He urged everyone to spread the message of peace from the land of Buddha, for the betterment of humanity. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of collective efforts to achieve the organization’s goals while upholding its dignity.

Acknowledging the members about the founder president of UNIP UN organization HRH. H. E. AMB. Y. DALIYAN NAWENTHIRAH and secretary general D. N. JERINA’s best wishes on the special occasion of Nepal National Chapter formation National President of Nepal Chapter Ven. Lama kept their message, stating ‘happiness as the chapter has been formed where the lord Buddha was born and Nepal can be the vital role to spread peace and harmony all over the world’.

Likewise,Piya Ratna Maharjan, the Patron of UNIP Nepal Chapter, expressed his happiness at bringing this global international organization to Nepal and wished for its success.

Ven. Chimpo Tashi emphasized the crucial role such institutions play in promoting brotherhood and walking the path of peace.

Balak Chaudhary, the Acting Executive Director of Dairy Development Board, considered the establishment of this organization in Nepal as a significant achievement.

On that occasion, UNIP UN National Vice President Pralhad Dahal gave the vote of thanks and General Secretary Hikmat Dahal kept a welcome speech. While delivering their speech they expressed their commitment for emphasizing on peace & harmony.

During the event, a dance performance by girls added color and vibrancy.

The working committee for the United Nature International Peace Nepal Chapter was announced as follows:

– Ven. Lama Dr. Raju Lama P. Kondan: National President

– Raviraj Shahi: Executive National President

– Pralhad Dahal: National Vice President

– Hirakaji Vijay Awale: National Vice President

– Hikmat Dahal: National General Secretary

– Bahadur Tamang: National Joint Secretary

– Tara Sharma Paudel: National Joint Secretary

– Manju Shrestha: National Finance Secretary

– Yuvraj Sivakoti: National Project Coordinator

– Dhruv Tiwari: National Finance Coordinator

– Tika Prasad Ghimire: National Organizing Coordinator

– Saroj Ojha: National Press and Publication Coordinator

– Krishna Kumar Shrestha: National Public Relations Coordinator

– Deepika Rayamazhi Shahi: National Women Leader

-Kanji Sherpa: National Youth Leader

– Durga Prasad Bastola: National Office Secretary

– Dr. Prati Kunwar: National Coordinator

– Rambhakt Dahal: National Deputy Coordinator

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– Leela Thapa: National Women’s Coordinator

– Harisharan Manandhar: National Child Protection Coordinator

– Dumbar Lama: National Organizing Coordinator

– Ramesh Gole: National Economic Coordinator

– Madhuvikram Kunwar: National Refugee Coordinator

– Shanti Rayamazhi Kunwar: National Legal Coordinator

– Vishnu Adhikari: National Youth Coordinator

– Deepak Shrestha: National Health Coordinator

– Ram Bahadur Tamang: National Emergency Coordinator

– Dipesh Majhi: National Press and Publication Secretary

– Pratima Lama Ghale: Executive Member

– Sadkisa Dhakal: Executive Member

– Siyaram Safi: Executive Member

– Neerja Shakya: Executive Member

– Rinku Sharma: Executive Member

– Bejeta Lama: Executive Member

– Rajkumar Waiba: Executive Member

– Vijaya Lakshmi Singh: Executive Member

– Madan Maharjan: Executive Member

– Sher Bahadur Paudel: Executive Member

– Dr. Pia Ratna Maharjan: National Coordinator

– Rotarian Bishnu Bahadur Karki: National Adviser

– Manoj Kumar Kandel: National Provost

About UNIP

United Nature International Peace is an international social organization that was founded in Sri Lanka over a decade ago and has an international liaison office in Canada. The organization’s founding president, Raju Lama, has successfully introduced it to Nepal for the first time. UNIP has chapters in America, Canada, India, Bangladesh, and Africa.

The organization is affiliated with the United Nations and UNDESH, with its main purpose being to unite the world as one family, eradicate unrest, and maintain global peace. It aims to contribute to

the happiness and prosperity of all, establish brotherly relations among societies, and promote peace.

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